Monday, March 11, 2013

Cow Print Birthday Cake

Brittany's Birthday Cake

Today is my niece's 16th birthday and her mum asked me to make her a birthday cake.  They live 1 hour west of the Gold Coast and she works at a dairy.  When she leaves school she wants to move to inland Australia and become a jillaroo.  She has even bought a few calves off her boss that she is rearing and going to sell when they are older.  So when her mum suggested a cow print cake it seemed like the perfect idea.

Brittany's Birthday Cake

I made a basic chocolate mudcake for the base and covered it in chocolate ganache and fondant.  I used white fondant for the base and then cut cow splotches out of black.  Corey already thinks I am a funny little city girl but he thought I was even funnier when I asked him what shape the splotches on cows are!  The rope is also made out of fondant.  I thought I would just buy brown fondant but this is actually chocolate fondant.  Like it actually tastes like chocolate! I didn't even know that existed.

Brittany's Birthday Cake

I am really happy with the cover on this cake.  It is the best cover I have ever managed to get and I think that is definitely thanks to the cake class I did.  I really learnt a lot in that one day class and it has made me a lot more confident when working with fondant.  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn more about cake decorating does a class at a local cake shop.  I came away with so much new knowledge.  I am so happy Corey bought me the class for Christmas!


  1. Wow Kat!! Your cake decorating skills just keep getting better and better! ♥ I love this! I'm still scared to try my hand at fondant, but every time I see one of your cakes I totally want to give it a try!! Any tips for someone who's never touched fondant before?

    1. My biggest tip would be to start small. Start first with cupcakes to get confident with using the fondant before you move onto bigger cakes. I might do a blog post sharing a few tips cause I've had a few people ask me questions.


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